Wodent Wheel Assembly Instructions

You can also find a really excellent video on the assembly put together by the folks at Sweet-Sugar-Gliders.com here:

You should have the following parts: Front panel (with entry holes), Back panel, Steel stand, Running track, Seam cover (small plastic piece), two washers, Hitchpin (looks like a small hairpin),

First, assemble the “drum” portion of the wheel...

1. Place the seam cover on the ends of the running track, forming the track into a circle.

2. Place the running track in the grove running around the inside circumference of the back panel.

3. Place the front panel on the running track and squeeze it and the back panel tightly together all the way around the edge — making sure the running track is as far into the panel grooves as possible.

Then mount the drum on the stand...

1. Put the back washer on the axle part of the stand as far as it will go (against the little bumps on the back of the axle). The bump on the washer should be facing away from the wheel.

2. Put a drop of baby oil (or vegetable oil) on the surface of the washer and the nearby axle where the grommet in the back panel is going to rub.

3. Put the axle through the grommet in the back panel and slide the drum onto the axle.

4. Push in on the front panel so its grommet is in about 1/2-inch from the tip of the axle (just past the little cross-hole) and add a drop of oil to the grommet and the part of the axle between it and the little hole near the tip. Keep pressing in on the front panel.

5. Drop the front washer on the end of the axle. (Again, the bump facing away from the wheel.) Slip the hitchpin into the hole near the tip of the axle. Release the front panel and give the wheel a spin.